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Now Available for Kindle and in Paperback
Frank and Jonesy are back. This time the case will require all of their talents. Young female passengers are disappearing from luxury cruise ships. After young twin daughters disappear during a family cruise, Frank and Jonesy must go undercover to find out what's happening.

The stakes are high and the odds are against them. Will this case prove to be more than they can handle? Luckily, the twins' father, Jim Mason, has special training and associates from his past that will be called upon as the search for the girls escalates.
Follow Frank and Jonesy on this ocean-going adventure as they search for the twins and dredge up powerful bad guys from one of their past cases in this latest adventure, Frank Immersed.

Blood Orange
It's the night of the biggest game in men's college basketball. Just as the two rivals are squaring off in the quest to crown a champion, tragedy strikes. A nation mourns as a team of elite specialists searches for those responsible. 

Follow Navy Officer Brad Rafferty and his team through the twists and turns of this terrorism thriller too see if you can determine who is good and who is evil.

Books in the Frank Rozzani Series
Frank Rozzani searches for a missing teenage girl. The police are convinced she's a runaway. Her parents believe otherwise. Will Frank find the girl before it's too late?

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Join Frank Rozzani and his team as they track Clifford “Jonesy” Jones as track down those responsible for senslessly murdering a young girl.  They soon discover that things are not as they seem and  the case could change Frank's life, as well as the lives of those around him, forever. 

Frank Rozzani's past, present, and future collide in this thrilling tale.  Frank must, once again, try to save some he loves against all odds. See who will survived in this third installment in the Frank Rozzani Detective Series.

In Frankly My Dear, the fourth in the Frank Rozzani Detective Series of novels, Frank and Jonesy are at it again and this time the case is one of the most bizarre that they have faced. Their latest client, arrested for domestic abuse, swears that he is the victim of one of the most vengeful women on the face of the earth.

Follow Frank an Jonesy as they navigate the twists and turns in this exciting new installment in the series, Frankly My Dear.

You can also pick up the first three books in the Frank Rozzani series for your Kindle at one low price

Other Books by Don Massenzio
A collection of random short stories. You'll read about a man who awakens from an accident with amazing powers, a story about the civil rights struggle in the South of the 1960's, a man who will do anything to realize his dreams, and a heartwarming Frank Rozzani Christmas short story.

This is a practical guide to help Independent Authors with everything from writing dialog to promoting your book. It's also meant to be inspirational as it talks about such subjects as collaborating with other authors and combating the "snobbery" of traditional publishing. As an independent author, it's your duty to put out the best quality product that you can produce. If you're tired of self-promotion and marketing, this book has some practical advice that is tried and true. 

Check Out This Children's Book From My Eight-Year-Old Daughter
My Daugher, Lillie Massenzio, has written and published her first children's book. 

This book has a princess, a prince, a witch and a dragon; This story by Lillie Massenzio has it all. The best thing is, it’s a story for kids that was written by one. Will the princess and her friends be rescued? Look inside to find out.

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